WAX Online
1. Numaligarh Refinery Ltd. (NRL) is a modern Petroleum Refinery operating from North Eastern part of India in the state of Assam producing Fully Refined Paraffin Wax and Semi- Refined Paraffin Wax of very high quality.

2. NRL is the single largest producer of Wax in India and our annual production capacity is around 50 TMT.

3. NRL holds almost 50% of the wax market share in India.

4. We have also started to export our wax to countries like Kenya, Mexico, Nepal and Bangladesh and will be exporting to Brazil, USA, Mozambique in the near future.

5. Types of products available for sale
• FULLY REFINED Slab Solid (MP 62-63°C, Oil Content <0.5%)
• SEMI REFINED Slab Solid (MP 62-63°C, Oil Content <1.5%)
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