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About NRL Scholarship Programme

One of NRL's flagship CSR schemes since it's inception is the scholarship scheme for students within 10km radius of the refinery. It has benefitted hundreds of students every year with increase in number of students every year. This is very encouraging for Numaligarh Refinery Limited and from 2017-18 we are taking it to another level by making the scholarship scheme online.

A brief of the various schemes are as below:

1. Gyandeep: A one-time cash award for Class-X and Class-XII students within 10KM radius for securing 1st division, Star/ Distinction marks and/or ranks in State Board Examinations.

2. Prerona : To promote excellence in education of the girl child, a one time cash award for girl students of the Schools within 10 KM radius who have secured 1st , 2nd and 3rd positions in the examinations from Class-VII to VIII, Class-VIII to IX and class-IX to class -X.

3. Dronacharya: To recognize the efforts of teachers, a one time cash award for the teachers welfare fund of the school within 10 KM radius against each 1st Division scorer student in class –X examination from the school. The amount of the cash award is Rs. 10000.00 against each student with a maximum of Rs. 50000.00 for each school..